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leather and studded
Minggu, 11 Juli 2010 22.07

heylow..!!!long time not see u

okay for now we want to mix and match items that have come out this year 

example:-leather jacket 
               -studded skirt
1. Leather Jacket
     if u confused have a leather jacket and u don't know how to mix and match and u feel uncomfortamble because that things already come out of this year u can mix it with  short jeans pant,black tight,boots,leather jacket,brown belt,brown tank top,black gloves,necklace,black beret and brown shoulder bag and would like this:

2.Studded Skirt
    for studded skirt is easier for mix and match it because a lot of tops can be match with studded skirt but for now i just give u 1 sample :D
u can match studded skirt with black boots,black hat,tank top/top,pink cardigan,black studded skirt,necklaces and bracelets gonna be like this:

P.S:sorry my english not really good...anyway if u have question u can ask in chatbox or in our e-mail thank you ;*

writer: Felicia Sharren


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