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Japan Nipon
Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010 10.44

hello! welcome to our japan edition *ciee  cieee* haha yup this all photo is took by me and my dad :P and the object is me,japanesse people,my GRANDMOTHER and my mum haha.. here we goes...

for the first pic is Indonesian restaurant, named "jembatan merah" in Tokyo,Japan and the object is MY MUM haha...:D

and for the second one is our FIRST food that we ate in Tokyo,Japan. you're also can be find this food in Mall Kelapa Gading and Grand Indonesia the restaurant's name is "Yoshinoya" :)

and in this photo is my Brother :P he was waiting in front of supermarket while i took this pict.  i like this photo because my mum's lips haha xD

i lil bit regret for this photo because i used flash :( i want edited but i'm too lazy to edit this photo :P
and i like the KIMONO!

NEXT DAY we went to HARAJUKU *yey!*

 me and my mum! just enjoy it :D
 the shoes's shop  i really like the style anybody want buy some for me????

 first time i take this photo to take the girl wearing red and black dress but i thought the camera is focus to the pink girl :/

i NEVER know she was smile to the camera and i was surpried when i saw this picture o.o

the object is the girl wearing the pink and black!

the most photo i like!!!

 i took this photo in DISNEY SEA TOKYO
 let u know about me! haha xD
 morning apple juice! :9
 i really like this photo,took by mu father because i really want go to NEW YORK! anyone take me NY? hehe

 this 3 photos took by father :)

 it's specially i took for LINTANG PRAMESTI SARI bcos she really like cat! :)

 and this is the model of the year for this blog model by my GRANDMOTHER i seriously like this photo!and i jealous with my grandmother haha xD
 if u know sadako-chan,it's made by her :)

 met my father and mother partner when they still in Mazda Corporation  and i like Katayama (?)
 i like tis bag the model haha but ijust find this bag used by machinist :(

here is the end is you want to know another pic just contact us and we will give u another photos :)

see ya! :*

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Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010 07.34

Hellow Mellow Marshmallow! haw haw r u everybody? nice to see u again it's Sharren's write hehe...

today i want talking about one hand dress and not too comfort with one hand dress i got the solution hehe u just nee a tank top,and wear under the one hand dress after that u can match it with another things :)

P.S: sorry this post not really important,also sorry all my post from looklet anyway don't forget visit my looklet page and gabriella mayang page thank you :)

see ya in next post :)

not too good
Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010 02.19

hello ..now, im Mayang im goin to post an outfit post but it is not too good, the simplest one i think. i was wore this to a reunion activity with my old classmate when we were in Elementary School.
so here you are :
top : hard rock bali * i guess, bcause i forget where was the top from :(
skirt : reused skirt, it was one of my Elementary School Uniform XD

sorry for the bad picture condition, yeah not a portrait pict i just cropped it via my facebook XD 
anw, there is some polyvore sets by me below :D

okey...see you next time :)
cheerio !! ^^

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our first post part 2!!!
Rabu, 04 Agustus 2010 09.03

it's us but i'm not inside because i was took this photo hehe....
if u want know who is Gabriella Mayang,this is she wearing brown top :)

2nd Award :D
Sabtu, 24 Juli 2010 18.40

littleshopperholic gave us this award :D .Thankyou very muchh

-Can you describe your blog?
      Not perfect, ordinary, not too well known.

-Why you like blogging?
i can share stories, share about fashion, well anyway related to my daily activities

-What is your vision and mission of blogging?
hard to describe about it. 
-This award is dedicated for? (choose your 10 friends)
FOR EVERYONE WHO HAVE STEPPED AT THIS BLOG. They can take this awrd freely :D.


leather and studded
Minggu, 11 Juli 2010 22.07

heylow..!!!long time not see u

okay for now we want to mix and match items that have come out this year 

example:-leather jacket 
               -studded skirt
1. Leather Jacket
     if u confused have a leather jacket and u don't know how to mix and match and u feel uncomfortamble because that things already come out of this year u can mix it with  short jeans pant,black tight,boots,leather jacket,brown belt,brown tank top,black gloves,necklace,black beret and brown shoulder bag and would like this:

2.Studded Skirt
    for studded skirt is easier for mix and match it because a lot of tops can be match with studded skirt but for now i just give u 1 sample :D
u can match studded skirt with black boots,black hat,tank top/top,pink cardigan,black studded skirt,necklaces and bracelets gonna be like this:

P.S:sorry my english not really good...anyway if u have question u can ask in chatbox or in our e-mail thank you ;*

writer: Felicia Sharren


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