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Pinkish Vintage Touch
Senin, 14 Juni 2010 02.32

helooo! yahaaha, finally we shared our first post about about fashion outfits with the real model XD. okey,let's check out the style! #fashion

that's sharren's ankle boots ^^

Sharren's Unique Necklaces ♥

pink cardigan : that is sharren's. that's a gift from someone by Disney cuties
White long skirt : sharren had it since she was little.
Flower Headband : Sharren's DIY.
Vintage Necklace : Sharren's by the little things she needs
Crocs Silver Flat Shoes : That's Lintang's by crocs

and if you have white or gray hells or flats you can mach it with this outfits but if you have another colour for the top or bottom you can ask us in our e-mail.thanks :)

hheee, the outfits mostly from : Felicia Sharren ^^

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